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We’re an active investment firm that’s calling founders with a great product vision, across diverse industries

In |, we’ve invested in 5 companies.
In total, we’ve invested in 79 companies, operating in 15 countries, within 28 industries
About us
We’re an investment firm, launched by an angel investor and serial entrepreneur Sergey Dashkov. Since 2016, we’ve invested in 70+ companies, with a total value of $25M, across numerous industries, such as Big Data, FinTech, New Energy, VR, Internet of Things, and BioTech.

This fast and diverse approach to investing gives us great knowledge of market and technology trends. We act as a partner to founders, giving them full autonomy in operations.

We’re also a founding partner at the investment club, Angelsdeck, with 500+ active angel investors — giving us the opportunity to co-invest in syndicates.
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Total 39 companies invested
Total 79 companies invested

Investment Focus

Mainly: Seed. Rarely: Pre-Seed, Series A, B
B2B, B2C
Global markets. We love to support Russian-speaking founders going global
Everything But Different

AI analysis of ad spending for enterprises and SMB

CheckMe is for health services. CheckMe provides a user-friendly interface to find and compare clinics, partners with clinics to guarantee lower prices, controls medical procedures and tests that are included in pricing. For b2b partners such as banks and insurance companies, the company upgrades their existing product line with check-ups and telemedicine, provides service and support to the end-user, manages client flow with clinics.

Electroneek is a robotic process automation software that augments employee actions and allows to automate routine tasks across multiple desktop and SaaS apps. Companies free up valuable time of their employees by delegating repetitive tasks to an algorithm that repeats specific sequence of actions in less time and without human errors.

FriendlyData helps enterprises make data accessible for business people by providing a natural language interface to databases. This company was acquired by ServiceNow in 2018.
Local Kitchen

Local Kitchen focused on delivering restaurant-level food inside densely populated urban districts. The Kitchen cooks meals for orders and hires couriers to deliver freshly made food to the customers in 30 minutes or faster.

VOCHI is a creative AI-based video editing app that uses next-level technology. With VOCHI users can apply insane effects and video filters to their stories, videos, and photos in just a few clicks. The app can also be incredibly helpful to social media managers and content creators, who want to set their brand apart on popular social media platforms and show their followers new products.

Your virtual yoga studio. Learn from the best, track your movements, and get real-time feedback.


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