Dear founder,
Thank you for your interest in JointJourney!
Before applying, please, make sure that your startups fits the investment focus
To apply, please, send us your relevant pitch deck.

If we start work on your investment opportunity we will inform you that the project is taken for the analysis within 7 working days.
In case, when we can’t be beneficial to you company we will contact you in 7 days either.

Thank you for your time.
Waiting for your startup to apply!
JointJourney team

We’re an active investment firm that’s calling founders with a great product vision, across diverse industries

In |, we’ve invested in 7 companies.
In total, we’ve invested in 86 companies, operating in 15 countries, within 28 industries
About us
We’re an investment firm, launched by an angel investor and serial entrepreneur Sergey Dashkov. Since 2016, we’ve invested in 80+ companies, with a total value of $25M, across numerous industries, such as Big Data, FinTech, New Energy, VR, Internet of Things, and BioTech.

This fast and diverse approach to investing gives us great knowledge of market and technology trends. We act as a partner to founders, giving them full autonomy in operations.

We’re also a founding partner at the investment club, Angelsdeck, with 600+ active angel investors — giving us the opportunity to co-invest in syndicates.

Investment Focus

Mainly: Seed. Rarely: Pre-Seed, Series A, B
Global markets. We love to support Russian-speaking founders going global
Everything but different


We have a structured review process that takes three days from the moment you apply.